Friend moment

The summer in Cottbus begins with a fun fair with lots of fun rides and carousels for the kids. A helicopter and that too a police helicopter was a favorite hop on for my son and his friend. I couldn’t help and capture this “Friend moment” in my camera which I later sketched as you can see.

But today as I look at this sketch it brings the vision of the rescue helicopters dealing with the situation in my hometown. Around a week ago, the incessant monsoon rains in my hometown Kolhapur over-flooded the “Panchaganga”river creating a flood situation in the town and around many cities and neighboring villages. The raged river carved its way through the houses, hotels and various structures around the city, trees, carrying animals with it and drowning the houses and everything coming along its way. As never was seen, the river was slowly turning into an ocean-like body spreading it’s reach each day. Fear started seeping in as the river continued taking over places with no history of flooding. Electricity got cut out and there was no drinking water. People were left with no choice but to leave their homes and run for shelter secure for them and their families. Many dived into the brown water swimming towards a secure place. At this moment, the local people went out and started helping the people in need. Some places, group of friends (“Mandal“) came together literally carrying people, luggage and pets too on their shoulders and brought them to secure places. Shelter was provided by people who owned halls and auditoriums around the city. People reached out with clothing, food, water, medicines for the needy and other requirements immediately. Nobody waited for the government to do anything. The city stood for each other in this time of need…..this is what friends do…right?

After few days, government help arrived, Indian Navy and NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) arrived and they brought boats and started rescuing more and more people stuck in their flooded homes. Saviors served well through toughest conditions and risks helping people stuck in their flooded homes. People were more than grateful for their lives saved but also devastated with the loss of property and belongings.

I sincerely pray and hope that the situation improves and people get to their normal life again soon. But this is a moment when I am grateful for the help and support given by each person involved in this situation. HAT’S OFF to those people for what they have done and still doing. This for me is the real FRIEND MOMENT. GRATITUDE!

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