Burn the ego

Today is Dussehra, the 10th day of Navratri; which is the festival of worshiping the Shakti or the Goddess. Each of the nine days is dedicated to a different form of the Goddess who is worshiped for her specific features and boons she provides to the devotee. The Goddess is associated with energy and thus represent the Energy centers or the Chakras in our bodies. Worshiping the Goddess enpowers the energy centers from bottom to the top thus wiping off all negativity and bringing forth wisdom of supreme consciousness. The fasting usually ends on Dusshera and people worship the victory of positivity over negativity and thank Goddess Saraswati for the wisdom of realizing the difference between the two.

Dusshera is also celebrated for the victory of Rama over Ravana who had kidnapped his wife Sita. Ravana although being the most intelligent and powerful king at the time, also a blessed Shiva devotee was killed by Rama. It is in a subtle way, a reminder to all of us to get hold of our negative sides and ego which can take away everything regardless of our power and achievements. Ego at times seems small, just like the mouse in the picture but if we keep feeding it, in no time it will eat away our roots, detaching us from the earth from which we were born. It will create a hole in the ground and dissolve us completely.

It becomes important to pay attention at the emotions in which way are they directing us. Are they taking us where we want to go? Are they misleading us? How to keep check on them? We keep a check on them by noticing them, facing them and correcting them. This is our victory….the real Dusshera.

Happy Dusshera!

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