On a humorous note

Yes it is an ocean and that yellow thing is the sand…and the white colour in the blue water are the waves. I also would not recognize it if I didn’t draw it myself. After the painting was done I did not know if I should cry or laugh. I thought water colours are not my thing and the mind chatter took momentum but then I stopped and thought what am I doing …am I judging myself…this is not how I am supposed to feel. It is supposed to give me joy…..it is supposed to be good….well….really???? I paused for a moment and then started to laugh because I realized I was over-thinking and it is ok not be your best all the time. It is ok to make mistakes.

It takes courage to laugh at your mistakes or shortcomings. Because at the end of the day, what counts is the quality of life we live and the amount of laughter we can add to it. It becomes so much easier to laugh at one’s mistake than to dwell on it and sabotage yourself.

And now I am not just laughing and accepting the painting, but I am also posting it to the world who will probably even judge it and me too. But I have been courageous to do so because my intention is not to impress but to inspire.

Well…I guess at times we take life too seriously and forget to have fun and to take things lightly. Even in our workplace we are intentional to produce best work and forget that our mistakes or failures are actually more precious because without them we would not learn anything nor would we create anything better.

Even when Newton stood in front of the ocean, he saw that his knowledge was just a drop in the ocean.

What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean

-Isaac Newton

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