My Story

I loved drawing and painting ever since I was a little girl. The skill came so naturally that with time, I started to take it for granted and I felt nothing special about it anymore. Being a natural scientist, experimenting different areas brought other skills at play too. From sports to dancing and science too caught my attention. Enjoyed thoroughly all of these but somewhere the envelop of skills was growing larger and larger and I started to lose focus. Some said I was multi-talented …some said fickle-minded. But I continued to pursue all. Growing up, Science took over and the rest of the skills gradually faded. Some skills stayed as hobby and some totally forgotten. After finishing my PhD, there came a strong urge …like a calling…and then I started revisiting those early pieces of memories in my treasure box. Took out my drawing paper, palette and passion. And here I am painting yet again.

The rest will follow….that is the VISION.