Karma with Dharma

The Dharma Wheel

When we say time is not stopping for anyone, time goes by, time passes or lapses….what are we saying.? Where is time going? Where is it heading towards? Is it just moving in circles in momentum never to stop. The time and months are counted according to the movements of sun and moon and also position of constellations. So at a certain moment, the same constellation appears in the sky which had been in the past. Does that mean, time is running in circles or cycles? Does this mean, time is repeating itself? So are we under the illusion that the future is new? Maybe it is just the past? Or is it that, there is no such thing as past or future and only present moment? So if the same stars appear at the same position, it means the same things repeat in my life? WOW….i did not even realise until I wrote it right now. This is probably why we have dejavus? Another WOW…aha moment. Does this mean, we are stuck in a rut…..a looooong one for that regard so that we don’t feel so stupidly stuck in it. This means we are given chance each time to do things differently so that we change the future a bit in that present moment. So the past comes back to us as a present moment….which i guess is karma and then we need to deal with it.

KARMA…which has become a popular word in peoples vocabulary but unfortunately mostly misunderstood. In India, this has been popular since the time of Mahabharata; the great war at the beginning of Kalyuga (the last age or yuga of the four ages cycle according to Hinduism) around 5000 years ago. Lord Krishna taught Arjun about it which says “Karma kar, phal ki aasha na kar”....meaning “Keep working without any expectations of results”. The whole Bhagvad Geeta was born just on this topic of Karma. So there is more to this than just the word.

So basically, Karma means action. As opposed to every action has an equal and opposite reaction, karma works differently…it’s mostly cause and effect. It says, every karma has a reaction which comes back to the doer and but not necessarily equal and certainly not opposite. So we are not devoid of action, we all have to take action in order to live , the important thing is the action should be “a conscious and righteous action” which is Dharma. So good karma brings good results and vice versa..but it is not instant. Karma is a result of a compilation of repeated actions taken over a certain period of time. It can take time….sometimes years. The planet Saturn (Shanidev) is worshipped as the god of justice and blesses us depending on our karma. This is why most people are scared of him. Because they know they will get what they sowed. Also one should not forget that struggles bring learning. Actually, there is learning in everything. The thing keeps coming back for a reason……….right! So Karma is like the Report card for your performace for the year or a particular time frame.

If you deal with it the same way you dealt with it the last time then it will come again…so to break that pattern …you need to change how you deal with it in the present moment….WOW….i got it. But to deal with it differently and sensibly one needs to be AWARE of it. The karma you created this very moment is going to be a habit which you will repeat in the future moments. And when you come back to that moment again (after the cycle is complete) it comes ten fold…..or thousand fold depending on the cycle. So, this gives you rewards ..the magnitude and nature of the reward depends on the karma created. Isn’t it fascinating! But this happens only when we are in the time cycle. What if we go beyond this time cycle?

I had once heard from some Guru in India, who said that meditating burns the karma. My whole life before that I thought we have to face our karmas no matter what….so this statement came with a big surprise. The only thing is that to understand why he said that. Meditation is a practice which is concentrating in the inner world by closing the eyes and relaxing the body and mind. When the body and mind are relaxed, a certain thing happens…..one experiences stillness…it is like an experience where time and space collapse. It is difficult to put in words and for the logical mind to grasp but only easy to experience. In that still moment, one hears silence…..the real silence. That place is the place where time and space end. From that moment on, only you exist…and everything else dissappears. ….even karma! Well, when one opens the eyes, the cycle restarts but the awareness comes and one knows the glitches in the matrix…as they say. Once these glitches are caught……we can exit this realm to enter the stillness realm. This is experiencing timelessness and …..karma… is a result of time…..so we break that loop of karma and time by living here in the real world.

But living a responsible life until we live in this world of time…karma is relevant and need to be respected. It is peak time that we realise the importance of our karma (deeds) and follow the righteous and conscious responsibility towards our fellow beings, nature and animals. Dharma is the missing piece from the Karma equation….let us add it..NOW!

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  1. Kiran Juyal says:

    Very deep!! Loved it..

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