Night and Day and in between

What can be more beautiful than a starry night in the forest and the sun setting over mountains and a lake, two enchanting landscapes. No wonder I wanted to put them on paper using my water colors. Capturing these beautiful moments on paper instills in the observer the emotions and feelings associated with the scenery. Amazing isn’t it?

The night picture brings coolness while the day picture brings warmth. We feel relaxed by one and energized by the other. We hear the sounds of crickets in the forest and the sound of water in the lake. We feel amazed by the countless stars in the night sky and feel tiny in front of the gigantic mountains under the sun.

The night and day are a part of a cycle and exist because of their opposite qualities. Neither is better than another. Both are unique with importance of their own.

As bright as the day can be yet…… stars are visible only during the night.

Similarly, in life there exists opposites like happiness and sadness, love and hate, big and small, good and bad, and so on. They have no existence of their own. One cannot exist without another. In all of these cycles, what is constant is…. “I”. “I” means you, “I” means us, “I” means the one who goes through these cycles, watches these cycles and continue to do so until “I” realizes that there is night…there is day and there is between. And “I” stands in between. Once this cycle breaks , duality fades and oneness persists….happiness, love, big, good persist……. “I” persist.

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