Fair weather….. relations

My little six year old is fascinated by the weather forecast. One fine day, he stumbled upon this creative weather frog app on my mobile which he instantly liked. It forecasts the weather in a pictorial form with this cute little frog depicting the weather for that day through various activities….such an innovative way to give a weather forecast. It invokes curiosity to see what picture will show up next and thus we end up checking it every now and then, especially before leaving for the day. This day it showed cloudy weather where the frog is seen looking out of his window from his mushroom home. My son asked if I would sketch his favorite frog. I thought it to be a great idea and asked him if he also wanted to join. He agreed. We got our sketchbooks and colors and began drawing looking at the picture on the app. My son was ready in few minutes while I stayed on for a while. He added his own ideas to the picture by adding a crescent moon to give a night’s feel and thereby no frog at the window but fast asleep in his bed and added a door bell and a street too . Proud moment for mommy.

Sometimes, we think about spending quality time with our kids and this I feel is one of them. As a parent, it is always a question how to get children interested in much more fun things than just watching TV or playing video games. But going with the flow and spontaneity is the key. Trying hard by buying toys and various things that “supposedly” will make our kids happy is a story that we convince ourselves with failing to realize it’s the quality time and memories that matter the most.

The most fond memories of my childhood are the spontaneous waterfall trips with my family, adventurous time spent with friends and cousins building forts from mud and drying tapioca poppadoms with my mom on the terrace and waiting to eat the one that breaks and many more alike.

Relationships are not that complicated if we do not make them so. At the bottom line it is love and connection what it is required it to work and last timelessly. We unknowingly seem to expect a lot from the other person based on our efforts we put in that particular relationship. We give and give so much in the relationship that at times we forget to give ourselves and expect others to fill that void. Often it happens just the opposite, where you give the most, either you lose them or they don’t value it.

This is like holding the sand so tight in the hand that it actually slips away slowly …sometimes vanishing completely…..like some people do who were once the closest to you.

On the other hand, isn’t it important and meaningful to be that connection to someone that you expect them to be? This feeling itself is so freeing and liberating and light. Expectation is heavy…in Bhagwad Geeta ( Hindu religious text), Lord Krishna has enlightened that, expectation is born in the mind. So how can one feel the connection if we are connected through mind and not the heart? So next time, we meet a new person instead of expecting them to be great and kind and loving and loyal ..why not be that person for them. Give compassion…if it comes back well and good…if not…who cares….maybe it was not worth it. The weather always changes….sometimes it is sunny, sometime rainy…………….it is not always fair weather.

Life is a collection of experiences, and these experiences are brought by people and situations. If we detach from it we will see why it happened, learn from it and move on. Also, sometimes we can be that fair weather person to someone else. Think about it. So no judgements please.

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  1. Kiran Juyal says:

    Too good!! Totally agree with the idea of connection through heart.


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