Science and Spirituality connection

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”

First law of thermodynamics.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed ” says thermodynamics…but Energy can be converted from one form to another so the total energy always remains constant. From scientific point of view we look at energy in terms of mechanical, electrical, chemical and many other physical forms. But at the end, these are all just forms of energies…where is the source of these energies? According to Science, it just exists. So if it just exists it must be everywhere and everything else should be just energy which is performing a certain function. Energy in itself is inert and needs to be activated otherwise there would just be constant transformation around us and chaos. So what is that is that activates the energy or tames and controls it? This means, apart from Energy, something else exists that activates it or is capable of activating it (Keeping in mind, the concept of Shiv and Shakti). Energy needs to be brought in motion to be activated. But that does not mean that one can use it…we need a medium to store it or captivate the energy in motion. Here is when machines come to play a role. Just like if we assume a water body which is still. It has a potential energy i.e. it has a capacity to generate power but only when it is in motion like a waterfall it can turn the machine turbines which then generate electricity.

Now comes the most interesting topic is the science hidden behind “Yantra”. Yantra is a sanskrit word for machine or instrument. So it literally means a power source/medium which will generate some form of energy. A Yantra as we know is a combination of various geometries especially of traingles…up facing and down facing. The Shri Yantra is the queen of all Yantras and depicts the existence of life in the universe and the cosmos. All other Yantras depict other forms of energies or deities which are taken from the Shri Yantra. All yantras have a Bindu or a point in the center showing the source. The upward facing triangles depict Shiva (the male) and the downward facing triangles depict Shakti (the female). The levels inside the Yantra depict the different levels of consciousness with the Bindu being the ultimate source of it. The Yantra is activated through chanting specific mantras called Beej mantras. They provide the devotee with enlightenment along with wordly happiness.

They say drawing this Yantra is complicated and difficult to get it errorfree but I thought of giving it a shot. I tried to be as precise as possible and am satisfied with the result (See above). Meditating on the Shree Yantra is another way to enjoy the benefits it gives the meditator. Concentrating on the Bindu and viewing the whole Yantra with peripheral vision is one way to do it. I am no expert and interested people can look here for more information (

So the whole point is being a scientist myself, I learnt about the different forms of energies and the science behind their transformation. But also belonging to the rich culture of India, visiting different temples, I had seen these Yantras engrossed in the floor and been offered prayers to. I always wondered what they were and never really understood their meaning. Most of us are still unaware and might ignore or follow it as being religious or blind faith. But on my path of spirituality, I encountered Shri Yantra and started learning about it. It is complicated to understand why it works but somehow the geometry of the Yantra influences the devotee…only experience can tell that. It is still unknown to my little brain why and how it works….but it is worshipped for a reason just like that of golden ratio. Even Science has it’s assumptions and boundaries but we believe it because we know it exists. Similar to that, the Yantra exists in nature in all forms…life comes to existence from it.

It is the Source….let us just leave it at that.

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