It takes blue and yellow to make green

I am not just scared but petrified, heart beating like an orchestra, breathing shallow and fast, throat choked, pit in the stomach, cheeks and ears on fire, armpits sweating like crazy, anxiety at its peak….. but stilllllll…. something inside telling me to “go for it”, face the fear and still do it. It is much easier and comfortable to avoid these feelings and situation completely and not to “go for it” but then what will happen … I will just pity myself, give myself resonable excuses like …I am not that of a risktaker or good enough or what will they say or i am not ready….and then avoid those voices by drowning myself in TV, Netflix or find entertainment elsewhere like gossip or people pleasing or bombard expectations on family to undo not “going for it”. But inside, I so …so …so want to “go for it” but something stops me or pulls me back and forth.

Change is beautiful…embrace it

That something is the comfort zone….you probably should have guessed it by now and it’s nothing new. But when it strikes, it leaves an impression in its place like “I am shy”, “I don’t feel like it”, It comes from my family”, “I am too old”, It’s too late”….etc…and it becomes our belief with time. We all go through these experiences but if we take a closer look at them they give us a new way to look at ourselves to create a change to be at our best. Change is hard but it is inevitable. In the beginning it brings anxiety because we are entering in the unkown territory. It might seem strange and not my type kind of feeling . But have you really gone one step further to even justify those initial feelings. If not you are losing a chance of your life to experience the extraordinary……to rediscover yourself into a person who you never knew existed. Why are we so stuck with our opinions about ourselves? If our choices in fashion and food can change with time…..shouldn’t we also evolve with time and embrace our new selves? If something inside is telling us to “go for it”…shouldn’t we listen? Also ..what is the worst that will happen? We will fail….or be judged….that is it. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Isn’t it?

Have you ever experienced it? What did you do…did you “go for it” or did you binged on those chips and Netflix or Youtube watching someone else “go for it”?

Well…there will always be sunny (yellow) days and gloomy (blue) days but living life is about going outside on both days. We usually think that the grass is green on the other side but those who wanted success and growth (green) went out on both blue and yellow days. Because it take both blue and yellow to make green.

Get out of your comfort zone and just “go for it”.

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