My peace abode

This is actually how my living room looks. Of course in reality it is colorful but that’s not the message it is supposed to give here. The black and white sketch leads one to focus on the entirety of the picture rather than the contents…..and that message is of PEACE.

Peace is when your shoulders go down, the neck is relaxed and the buttocks sink into the chair you are sitting on…..I know you did not expect to hear this…but it truly is like that. Next time, when you feel at peace ..notice that.

Nowadays, it feels more stressful to feel at peace than actually being peaceful. We try to find it through meditation, or in that vacation or in that cool hobby or somewhere else. I am not saying we won’t find it there but we fail to notice the peace in daily life, in small experiences and in little things everyday.

Well, peace for me is a personal experience… differs in every situation and it can be found anywhere. It can be found in your lousy couch where you are dressed in your pajamas and sipping the tea like everyday in the same old way. It is just important to notice that moment when your shoulders are down, neck relaxed and buttocks sunk in the cushions and to grab that moment and smile, take a deep breath and tell yourself……..this is my peace abode….and that is within me.

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