Keep hanging, transformation is on its way!


Yes, keep hanging, like the caterpillar in the cocoon. The cocoon is the third stage in the life-cycle of a butterfly after egg and larva. When it becomes a caterpillar it eats and only eats till there comes a point when it decides to step into the third stage of a cocoon where it hangs itself upside down. At this stage, the caterpillar actually starts to dissolve itself …goes through all of this pain to form its wings and to become a beautiful butterfly.

In our lives, we also encounter this cocoon stage…I call it the transition stage. During the transition, we have to hang upside down- meaning reflect on why we are at this stage at the first time. Reflect on where we are now and how far do we want to go. I feel it is a divine chance for growth and becoming the best version of yourself. Yes it is dark inside the cocoon and it seems as if nothing is changing externally sometimes but there are lot of changes happening inside which are making us ready to get transformed.

For something new to happen. some other older thing has to end or dissolve.

-inspired quote

During the transition stage, just like the caterpillar we also have to go through pain of the struggle, dissolve our old-selves which are not serving us anymore so that we develop our wings to fly ….the wings of freedom.

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