Boat on the other side

No matter if you tie the boat or not, the waters will still take you on the other side


This sketch was a gift to a friend who had been sick for a while. I could not meet him during his last days so I drew him this sketch. With this sketch I wanted to give him the glimpse of the fond memories of his life and the good times that we had shared together on the boat ride in the Spree river. In his last days he was happy, fulfilled and grateful which is a message for us that life is limited and no matter what we will pass on the other side. But the question is how do we want to go there?

Do we want to go on the other side with a baggage of sadness and pain or with happiness and fulfillment ????

Thank you for reminding this. You will always be missed Uli.

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  1. Larisa Leon says:

    Beautiful reminder


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