Eyes on GOALS

If you want inspirtation, get inspired everyday,

If you want motivation, get motivated everday,

if you want your goals achieved, work on them every damn day.

Consistency emphasised!

The new year is on its way and the new year resolutions are on the mind. Some resolutions might be new and some just a backlog from this or even the year further back. We push these goals onto the coming year but along with the goals we tend to bring the underlying emotions with them as well. It might be regret that you were not consistent, or frustration, shame or even anger or all of these. So basically, we tend to unconsciously start the new year on a negative note. So even though we might motivate and promise ourselves of achieving them the coming year but history repeats itself and motivation and enthusiasm slowly fade. We expect to get a better result when the energy attached to that goal was not positive at all in the first place. So what to do about it? Of course, change the energy. So before going and making new resolutions why not REVIEW the year gone and look at your ACHIEVEMENTS? Not only in terms of big stuff like degrees achieved, titles, or profit in business, big vacations taken, bucket list checked off or whatsoever but also the “small” stuff …the physically invisible stuff.. which we ignore. These are things like mindset or habit changes, awareness towards things, a new friend made, started taking care of oneself, been more kind and resilient, took it easy, started a new hobby…and so on.

JOURNALING will help here. I believe in writing down things because we cannot remember everything. So on the beginning pages one can write the REVIEW of last year goals and the ACHIEVEMENTS or the progress achieved. And then the new GOALS follow. When we start the new year with achievements…. we are setting us off for the next one with so much more energy and positivity. Positivity doesn`t just mean thinking positive and ignoring the weak points but rather being aware of weaknesses, acknowledging them and finding solution for them with a positive attitude and motivation. Also, when deciding for the goals it is important to see if the goals are realistic and comply with YOUR values and priorities and are not for anybody`s sake. The happiness and fulfillment you will get from your VALUE GOALS is much more valuable than checking off goals for someone else`s appreciation.

The “4 VALUE” questions to ask against each goal are

  1. do I really want this ?
  2. how does it bring value to my life ?
  3. does it comply with my priorities at the moment ?
  4. why I m doing this or what purpose does this serve?

Well, if all of these questions answered…it becomes clear if that goal is yours or you thought was yours. The next step would be goal STRATEGY …..like when you want it finished for example, small steps in between and then setting daily actions to achieve them. The best strategy is to SCHEDULE the goals which I learnt from Brian Tracey, the author of “Eat that frog”. This is a game changer. We also sometimes need to think that there is no deadline or we cannot control the outcome of the certain goals like that of “being kind”. ..but it seems obvious in daily behaviour and actions.

It is not about the goal but the person you become while achieving it.

someone said

One of my goals this year was to rekindle my long lost hobby of DRAWING. I didn`t just want to start it but I really wanted to commit to it so I knew it I had to be consistenly doing it. I went through the “4 VALUE” questions and I knew this will bring back joy and fulfillment and a feeling of uniqueness and will serve my purpose of wanting to inspire others through it. Next step was strategy. From some research I found out that to develop a habit one needs to do that thing for 90 days. So the STRATEGY was to draw everyday and I SCHEDULED the evening hours after dinner for the same. Well…I took that challenge. I started drawing in March and for the next 3 months, I drew everyday. It was very hard since I was spending 5 to 6 hours each evening and sleeping late to finish the drawing each day. I was posting my pics on social media so that I get feedback and a subtle pressure to be on my mission. But it worked, in a matter of 3 months, I had 60 sketches done. What an achievement !!!(of course there were days i did not draw at all). I had not decided any number or how many hours I will spend each day….my only motto was to draw everyday after dinner. Also, what came additionaly was that I was improving with each sketch and becoming more disciplined and persistent…since I was learning new things and techniques with time (reminds me of the quote above “It is not about the goal but the person you become while achieveing it”). Around that time, I started my blog (another goal) and started adding some words and descriptions to those pictures as well. Since I started one goal and became consitent and disciplined with it…..it gave me motivation to start the next one (which was hanging around from the year before). But the 2 goals together became too much work and overwhelming for me (check no.3 from “4 VALUE” questions). So I cut down the number of pictures I drew each day and rather focussed on the value created. So my goal was actually even evolving with time….although the ultimate goal of maintaining the new hobby was intact. Now after 9 months into that hobby I thought, I wanted to see how far I have come as an artist. The above picture is of the goddes Mahalakshmi, also called “Ambabai” from my hometown Kolhapur. I had also drawn it in the early days in March so was an optimal choice for self evaluation. Although I knew my status, I was unaware how far I had come in my artistic skills….and I surprised myself. I was happy with the December drawing but more happy about the progress I had achieved in 9 months. At the end, I feel more happy that I maintained my hobby and now feel in much more control of my time and what I want to do in that time. At the end I stopped counting the number of drawings or sketches I made but the inspiration I pass to others is of the most value to me.

So go for it…for the coming new year

  • make a VALUE GOALS list
  • bring a startegy in place
  • SCHEDULE those goals into everyday life and
  • list your small wins or achievements on the way
  • watch them checked off by the end of next year.

I have not achieved all goals but important is that I have built a strategy which I can apply now to my new goals or carry forwarded ones to fruition. I have also learnt, it is not always about the goal because goals change and evolve….it is about becoming a better person each day and rediscovering yourself in a new way each year. ….each day!

Wohooo….Happy New Year!

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