It is June, the summer has arrived and it’s the strawberry season in Germany. On one fine Sunday morning, we decided to visit a strawberry farm in Missen, a village close to where we live. The farm gives a wonderful opportunity to pluck your own strawberries and buy them for a small price. One more family had accompanied us for this trip. We had to take the countryside road and not the Autobahn to get to Missen. Along the beautiful countryside we could see so many more farms, cattle grazing and farmers harvesting their strawberries. We couldn’t wait to arrive to Missen which took us barely 30 min. Many like minded people were there to collect the strawberries and had queued up for the purchase at a small counter in the middle of the farm. At this counter was a lady and a little girl with a scale weighing the collected strawberries and also selling baskets for people who didn’t bring theirs. We bought one basket for us, while my son had already brought a cute little basket for his collection. The farm was huge and gave us freedom to start wherever we wanted to. The boys just ran down the field and started plucking strawberries and filling their little baskets. I as usual was busy capturing these wonderful moments in my camera along with tasting some of these small red delights. The strawberries tasted divine and were so sweet and soft that they dissolved in my mouth in no time. I continued plucking and tasting more of these tasty red strawberries and just enjoying the moments.

The joy of plucking your own strawberries is one experience on its own.

My little 5 year old was also enjoying with his fellow friend plucking the strawberries and managed to gather in his cute little basket enough strawberries for all of us. After one hour of hard work of harvesting the strawberries, we bowed down to the efforts that the farmers have to take for the same. I guess this why they say the fruit of hard work are sweet…in our case…literally.

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  1. Pradnya says:

    Wow!! Seeking pure joy in simple things…. something we should follow and teach our kids too.

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    1. Yes..the more we get close to nature, the more we feel connected to ourselves. Joy becomes natural.


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