Start now

Six months ago, I started my journey of sketching. I cannot imagine, how far I have come with this and honestly speaking I had no big plans. I was just eager on reconnecting to my hobbies and sketching was one of them. I started with what I had… A4 size normal sketchbook (which actually belonged to my son….don’t worry I bought him a new one), my old mechanical pencil and color pencils and a rubber. That’s it….. nothing fancy. I had no idea what I will draw, I just started with the cover page drawing of the sketchbook itself……a girl holding a paintbrush and sitting in her dreamland of drawing…just perfect to start my art journey!

This is my workspace….my art studio. It is the “Supertable”….just like Superman who changes the suit as per requirement. So, this dining table turns into my art studio in the wee hours when the housemates sleep and reforms the next day into nourishing place at meal times. It also turns into blogging space when required….pretty functional isn’t it. I am not bragging about this table….the point is that what you need is just to start where you are at this moment. What is important is the action needed to move forward with whatever it is you want to do. Be it….sketching, writing, dancing, starting your own business or all of these.

Catch your dream express. It is calling you, listen and take that first step…stay on track, it will speed up and bring you to your destination. Don’t forget… it is not about the destination but about the way towards it. Enjoy the journey…destination is inevitable!

All the best …. i know you can do it.

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